Do you have a “Got to” or a “Get to” attitude?

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Trucks Canada - smallerOur attitude dictates the quality of our experience in life. I was up in Canada last month for four TechTour Live events sponsored by DOW Agro Sciences. I spoke to over 1200 farmers who came together to learn about how to be more efficient in planting, spraying, increasing their crop yields and enjoying their lives. That’s were I came in. My message was about remembering they are the #1 asset in their operation. They must remember what is really important, stay connected to a compelling vision, have a clear game plan and have a growth mindset.

At the last event in Brandon, Manitoba there was a late spring storm and the roads were a little dicey. They are a hearty bunch in Canada, used to driving in the snow and virtually EVERYONE drove a 4 wheel drive truck. You can see the trucks in the parking lot on a snowless day in Saskatoon.

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