Big Ass Fans and Big Ass Goals

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Big Ass Fans! You have got to admit that is a memorable name. I was just in Lexington, KY and had the opportunity to tour their offices and product development area with a client of mine in the building industry who is one of their customers. They used to be called HVLS as in High Volume, Low Speed, not too catchy. They changed after their customers kept calling and asking if they were the ones who made, “those big ass fans. They make them up to 24 feet wide and have some big ass goals to go along with their fans.

It was so rewarding and validating to see a company who had put in to practice so many of the strategies I have recommended over the years with such great success. Their culture is not for everyone and that is maybe why it works so well. It attracts winners with a growth mindset who have the attitude that once hired, they will effectively “run their own business” within the company. Founder Carey Smith wants to build a company to last. Literally the plan is to become a 200-year company that always acts in the long-term interests of its customers, employees and suppliers.

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