A letter to my 18 year old son

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My oldest son just turned 18 years old. A milestone that I wanted him to remember and I struggled with what I could give him that would make a lasting impact. I decided to write him a letter with the goal being it could be a compass he can return to over the years to set his course in life. Here is the letter. Perhaps you can get some ideas for writing a letter to your kids in the future. I shared this letter because I got the idea from someone else who had shared their letter.

Happy 18th Birthday Davis,

Today is a day you will long remember. Today you become a man. At least you are the legal age of maturity according to our culture. But it’s true. You can vote. You can drive. You can enter into a contract. You can fight and die for our country. Voting, driving, signing and fighting don’t make you a man. Being a man is about more.

I believe you were born for greatness. You were born to make a difference. Inside you are the seeds of greatness. Being a man means digging deep, finding those seeds, believing they exist, being able to delay gratification, being patient, thinking long term and watering and tending to them diligently. You must also be willing to take a close look and pull out the weeds that can ruin everything. I tell you this because I know you and what is possible for you. Our family has a long history of success and you will continue that legacy.

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