Meijer Testimonial

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10 Ways to Start Your Prospecting AND Make it Enjoyable!

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mark-hunterLet’s face it. You can’t prospect if you don’t start, and starting is the problem too many salespeople have.

The number of excuses salespeople can come up with range from logical to just plain avoidance.

Here are 10 things you can do right now to help you stop procrastinating on doing the prospecting you know you need to do.



1. Make your first call to an existing customer, with the objective to gain input from them about how much they enjoy working with you and your company. By using an existing customer to motivate you, it’s amazing how much more pumped you’ll be to go find more customers.


2. Plan your prospecting call list the day before.

Never start a day not knowing exactly who you will be reaching out to. Easiest way to do this is by making the last things you do each day is build out out the next day’s prospecting list.


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Don’t Drop Your Bucket

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In my career of coaching 1000’s of sales professionals and leaders to get better, there is one strategy that will work EVERY TIME to improve your skills. For many they have NEVER done it or if they have it has been many years.

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Secret Strategy to Have a Great 2016

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Everyone knows it is Personal Growth 101 to take the time to set your goals or the year. You can do it any time if you have not done it already. It is common knowledge to do it and yet very few take the time. Hope is not an effective strategy to have a great year. You must be proactive to get clear on your compelling vision AND create the game plan to make it happen. Take ‘Chip’s Challenge’ to try this secret strategy to have a Great 2016.

I have used this strategy for the last 20+ years and it has made a huge impact on my ability to have consistent growth in key areas that are truly important in your life. This video is only 3 minutes long and IF you follow the advice it will for you to. Take my challenge to TEST this strategy for a year. If it does not help you, skip it next year, but when it works, do it every year in the future. Here is the form – download here.

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Screen-Shot-2015-11-18-at-11.20.42-AM.140637Below is a list of potential questions to ask your parents and grand parents. Jim Rohn taught me, “If life is worth living, it is worth recording.” You can of course do this at any time and Thanksgiving gives many families a rare chance to be together. This list is a conglomeration from many sources and is big! You do not of course have to ask all these questions. They simply serve to be a guide.


I used them to interview my Dad four years ago. I wish I had done it earlier BEFORE he was quite sick going through chemo for lung cancer. I did do it with my mom (pictured above) who is still with me. The recordings came out very well and we are glad we have them. It would be amazing if I had these recordings from my grandparents! I only have one from my Grandmother made in the early 1990’s when she was in her prime! She really loved to watch it too since she had never seen herself on TV.


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How to Have a High Energy Day- PART 2

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How to have a high energy day – Part 1

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One Key to a Great Marriage

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My wife Miryana and I are celebrating our 20th anniversary soon. As I think back to my younger years, I remember the great advice that my dad gave me. He always told me to do the things that Miryana and I loved to do before we settle down and have children. I have followed his advice consistently throughout the years. My relationship with my wife is essential, because one day the 3 kids will leave home and it will be just be the two of us.

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Start the New Year with Momentum

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We are 3 weeks into the year, have you set yourself up to win? Recently I did a global teleclass and captured the recording. Follow this link and you can listen to an interactive call to help you get plugged in and switched on! Your chance to reach your goals this year goes up ten fold when you take action.

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How to: Use Your Smart Phone to Make Role Play and Training More Valuable

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You’ve probably seen the research that says in order to get better, you must get deliberate practice. The key to deliberate practice is quality feedback. What most people don’t know is that the best way to get this quality feedback is via video and audio recording with a device that most people use on a daily basis; their smart phone.

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How to Keep a Journal

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Going Old School – How to: Stand Out

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Cards are sent so rarely today that when you do, you stand out. When you take the time to send someone a card – be it your customers or business associates – it shows that you appreciate them. This video includes several great tips and ideas on how to leverage this system of card giving for your business or for yourself personally.

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How to: Use a Checklist to Improve Workplace Performance

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John McGrath Testimonial

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Improve the Motivation and Communication of your Team: The Value of a Huddle

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Corporate Motivational Speaker

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When it comes to your next event, the right speaker can have a huge impact on the energy, interaction and success of your event…and make you a superstar as the meeting planner. And here’s the thing…there’s a HUGE difference between a “good” speaker and a “great” speaker. Please watch the video or call to find out more.

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The Key to Living a Heart Healthy Lifestyle

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Do you have what it takes to become one of the 3% of Americans living a heart healthy lifestyle? I offer several easy tips that you can quickly implement into your everyday routine to get you on the fast track to living a healthier lifestyle.

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Behavior Change – A Streak Starts with One

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Long-term change only happens when you’re committed, never when you’re interested. My belief is that every behavior change comes from one committed decision. What decisions do you need to make today?

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Personal Achievement Guru Brian Tracy

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Brian Tracy is a Canadian entrepreneur, public speaker, author and personal and professional development trainer. The video is Brian’s endorsement for Chip Eichelberger.

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Special Summer Training Opportunity – 50% Off

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Do you have people on your team who need to take their persuasion skills to the next level? What if a group of 6-10 could spend a day with me? My interactive Switch on Your Persuasion class is for leaders where presenting is not enough. They must engage, persuade and lead others to action.

Very effective for managers, sales people, corporate executives who need to “sharpen their saw.” Summer is always slower with the typical conventions I speak at.

Take advantage now and book a day of training for 50% off in August and September before they are gone. Call me at 865-300-2742.

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How to Drastically Improve your Health & Lifestyle

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“We On – We Work!” Michigan Basketball pre-game ritual

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me infront of MLast week I was selected to speak to the University of Michigan for their annual MGoBlue Day event. Their Athletic Director Dave Brandon has done a tremendous job of creating a compelling vision for where they are headed and how they will get there. Their goals are high not just in athletic excellence and fundraising, but also creating World-Ready Graduates. They are even developing a new program to help them with the transition from being a student athlete in that unique atmosphere with set schedules, tutors and coaching and how to move into the “real world” and establish a career.

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You Can’t Outrun a Big Mac

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Talent is Overrated

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Anti-Branding Success Story

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Golf Magazine just named Phil Mickelson Player of the Year. His brand has become “The Peoples Champion” and I belive that it was not by accident. Like Arnie (Palmer) and his Army from the 60’s, Phil has created a base of Raving Fans. Announcer Gary McCord said he said he was going to be everything Tiger Woods was not. That is an interesting branding philosophy. Who is your biggest competitor? What are they not?


For Phil it was basics like being friendly with the galleries, taking extra amounts of time to sign 100’s of autographs and bring his family with him often. With Tiger’s transgressions it was easy to position against him with his long marriage to Amy and his three adorable kids. Seeing Tiger now with one of his kids at a tourney actually seems kind of strange to me.

Early in Phil’s career he was said to be kind of aloof and did not embrace the fans. He made a conscious decision to spend the time with fans because he knows that few moments of interaction can lock them in forever as being a supporter.

I have also made that decision in my career to be different. Almost all speakers use PowerPoint. I never have. Most speakers stay on stage. I get out and engage the audience. Almost no speakers create a customized handout for every event. I do every time regardless of how many are in the audience. My style is more like a interactive workshop not a “traditional one way keynote”. It makes for a more enjoyable sticky experience for the audience.

Research your competition and find out what you can do differently that will make a difference.

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You probably knew that sitting too much is bad…just not THIS bad.

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Your Work is Never Done

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Don’t Look Back

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What is Good Customer Service?

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Overcoming the Curse of Competence

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