Your ENERGY level is NOT an accident!

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Once I learned I could manage my energy level like a programable thermostat life became easier. How is your energy at work and when you get home after a full day of putting in maximum effort? How about when you roll out of bed? I like to use a simple 0 – 10 scale to gauge it. What number would you give yourself on a typical day? Seriously, what is your number? What is that compared what is possible? 

Some believe that as you “get older” you are just naturally going to put on a few pounds, have more aches and pains and slow down. It is just the way it is. THAT IS GARBAGE!!! Maybe you have been making excuses like that and accepted it. Isn’t it time to change now? When you get out of the shower do you look in the mirror and say “oh yeah” or “oh s!@#”? One of my mentors Jim Rohn used to tell me, “Disgust can be a powerful motivator!”

What if you could take some simple steps now to increase your energy level?  Are you even thinking about the choices you make each day and how they impact your energy? Let’s go over a few strategies and concepts that work for me.

  • Tap into the power of the Holy Spirit. Those who obey God’s commandments live in fellowship with him, and he with them. And we know he lives in us because the Holy Spirit lives in us. 1 John 3:24  Early in my career after speaking at an event for Wisconsin Association of Homes and Services for the Aging a priest came up to me and said son, “You are a shining light for the Holy Spirit.” That was quite a moment and forever changed the way I view my life. Starting the day with prayer, reading the Word, meditation or a gratitude journal will help keep you connected.
  • Get clear on your why? Why are you living the life you chose? If you are NOT motivated to get up every morning and excited to do what you do, you may need to make a change in what you are doing OR change your attitude about what you are doing. Get clear on your compelling vision for your life. Proverbs 29:18 says without vision the people will perish. I have a sheet laminated in my shower  that has: my vision, targets and disciplines for each important area of life and my compelling why.
  • You are what you eat! Cliche, but by in large true. Are you a 3%’er, I am? Watch this short video to see. Try to have at least 50% of what passes your lips to be LIVE FOODS. Bring a cooler with you so you have low sugar, fresh fruits and veggies to snack on consistently. Soda is the #1 source of calories and I suggest you eliminate it. I strive to drink a green based fresh juice a day. I really like Organifi that makes is easier. It is a high quality green based powder that I mix one scoop to it with 70% water/30% coconut water once a day. Thousands drink my Get Switched On Smoothie recipe each day – try it. It will give you energy and help make you regular as heck! Which is good because digestion is your biggest consistent energy drain.
  • GIGO (Garbage In Garbage Out) is a not true when it comes to your brain! Their is no firewall for your mind. Garbage in – in the form of the poor choices in music, movies, shows you binge watch, games, books, web sites and toxic people slowly warps your thinking and philosophy of life. Garbage gets in and has an impact day after day. It hangs around and builds a home, gets married and has children! Garbage stays and does not go out. What you read or watch before you go to sleep for example matters! Don’t watch The Walking Dead!  The law of association says you will become like the people and the information you spend the most time with. Make uplifting and conscious choices with who and what you spend your time with. If your life is a big mess your mind is likely a big mess. Start there.
  • Motion creates emotion! Sitting is literally killing people. This video on my blog will be an eye-opener for many and could help you get an extra 10 high quality years of healthy life. The health of your body is the health of your cells. They need oxygen! Getting aerobic (with oxygen) exercise  ideally in the morning will change your physiology for the entire day and give you a sense of accomplishment. Take walking meetings when possible. Get outside after work into nature for a walk, hike, bike ride, golf, tennis etc. Go to a store that has head tennis racquets for sale or cross-country skis – and make a purchase to make a mental commitment to following through. Make a decision how many days a month you will work out, start tracking and stick to it! I have tracked my workouts on this form for 23 years – Get Switched On Energy Schedule. Research clearly shows that exercise effectively fights depression. You can feel much better by changing your habits and not need any drugs, legal or illegal.

Think about how you currently spend your time and money. You could think short term, give in to instant gratification and not take very good care of yourself right now. Justify it by telling yourself you are too busy and Organifi is “expensive”. Time is going back quickly! It is already March. Continue to make poor choices and they will eventually expose you in a way you may not be happy about.

I do not want to deal with the moment when I am diagnosed with a disease I could have easily avoided in the future. If that happens to you, you will have to spend major amounts of time, money and mental anguish to reverse something you could have likely easily avoided. You can self-regulate your energy level like a thermometer by following these suggestions.

We will talk about more ideas how to be a more like a thermostat next time! If you like these ideas please share. If you disagree with something let me know BUT I put in a ton of ideas here. Do not dismiss all because you have a problem with one!


  1. 3-21-2017

    Hi Chip, — Your smoothie looks good. What model of Bosch blender do you recommend? Thanks!

    • 3-23-2017

      Our Bosch finally died – I highly recommend the VitaMix, we got a good deal at Costco. They are virtually indestructible and should last 20 years.

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