Get Disgusted – Confronting Brutal Facts

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Editor’s note: This post was originally published on 9/21/18 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehension.

One of my heroes and mentors, Jim Rohn, used to say that: “Disgust and resolve are two of the great emotions that lead to change.” 

Here’s how this concept played out in my life and the decisions I made set the course for my future.

Highs and lows

I worked for Jantzen Sportswear as my first job out of college. A family friend, Bill Weber, worked for them, and I saw first-hand the success and lifestyle he had created. I loved it. 

After being promoted twice in four years, I found myself in Salt Lake City and beyond excited for my future in the company  – and the area. 

A friend from Gonzaga Prep High School, John Stockton, was just drafted by the NBA Utah Jazz. They played across the street from my office. The Salt Lake City team was going to be even better! I imagined myself attending the games and cheering my friend on at my court-side seats.

Only 9 months later I was suddenly fired after the company had been purchased a second time, and they cut the sales force literally in half.

I ended up getting back together with my former girlfriend in Spokane. We then moved to San Diego. She had just landed her dream job, I had just lost mine. She was gone 10 hours a day and I was struggling. We broke up after only a few months. 

Discouraged and needing money, I took a job selling earthquake bracing for under mobile homes. I wore a jumpsuit with my name on it and was armed with a Polaroid Instamatic Camera and a flashlight.  

Have you ever experienced a significant earthquake? It is awesome and scary to feel that energy being released. After about 6 weeks, I was making decent money, but not hanging around the best group of gentlemen. 

One day I was crawling under a particularly stinky mobile home in Escondido, CA and had a moment of clarity.

A much-needed wake-up call

I had a flashback to what my life in Salt Lake City was supposed to be. Life was going to be good! 

Now, I was under this freaking mobile home, selling overpriced earthquake bracing, thinking “What the hell am I doing?” 

I was disgusted with the choices that had led to where I was. I quit the next day. 

I resolved that was it. The brutal fact was I had settled for much less than I could become.

I would end up using that emotion to drive change.

Taking the next step

A few weeks later, I serendipitously read a classified ad in the newspaper that would change my life forever. It said:

“Earn excellent income promoting a national celebrity. Five people wanted who are committed to making a difference.” 

I thought that sounded interesting and went in for an interview. It changed my life. 

The job turned out to be working for Tony Robbins

In September 1988, he was far from a “national celebrity,” but after seeing him speak and meeting him, I saw the potential. 

I asked myself, “What if I worked with him? What could I become?” 

I was impressed, and a week later I was driving to Seattle to begin my career with Tony. 

I started working on a team that was managed by one of my best friends today, Mike Hutchison. 

We would travel the country for eight weeks at a time to promote his one-day business seminar in a particular city. 

I would soon get my own team, and those years on the road shaped me and my speaking skills, as I did over 1300 “sales talks” and made thousands of phone calls. 

Almost six years with Tony helped get me to where I am today. 

Thank God I didn’t get comfortable and settle for selling earthquake bracing.

It’s YOUR time to act

Have you ever been disgusted enough to change your life?

Maybe there’s a BRUTAL FACT you need to step up and address before it’s too late. 

Watch this video and let the “facts” motivate you to make a change

Let disgust move you to action!  Embrace it and act.

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