Using urgency and scarcity with integrity

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I hate it when you hear phony offers that attempt to use urgency and scarcity to get you to take action now. You know the ones…”only the next 100 callers”…”a strict limit of only two per customer”…really? If I am caller 103 you will not let me buy? Really, you will not find a way to let me buy four?

When used correctly and with integrity, urgency and scarcity are two of the most powerful tools of influence. I was hired by TruGreen Chem Lawn recently to help them in their national call center. Spring has sprung early in many areas of the country and their national advertising campaign is just beginning to hit. The phones are busy and will really get busy in the next week. The call center needed to Get Switched On and I am the guy for that!

I went in a day early for “recon” to understand the system, scripts, new Healthy Lawn Plan offer, listen to actual calls and see how they were celebrating their success to create a cycle of success.

Motion creates Emotion

Emotion creates Energy

Energy creates Sales

Does that make sense? When you have 150 people on the phones taking up to 50 calls a day the atmosphere or lack there of is crucial. I helped them with some simple fun ideas to the the team up celebrating each sale (ringing a bell close by each area) and then a special ceremony for the 10th, 15th and 20th sale of the day. We also added a energy component to their daily Huddles and you could FEEL the difference in the room very quickly. I then created a customized training for all the employees and trained them all over a two day period. They have a very talented group already and I wanted to help take them to the next level.

Perhaps the biggest change was to help them cut the script in HALF and add a legitimate urgency to the phone call!!! Getting the first treatment for your lawn care down quickly – particularly if you live in an area where crab grass is a problem is critical. Timing is very important. If you wait too long you can have a much bigger problem later on.

It is true that their phones were ringing off the hook. It is true that spring is early in most areas. It is true the timing of the first treatment is critical. It is true that the field is very busy getting the appointments booked right now to get everyone started.

Not using this the reality of the current situation as an asset is a mistake and I corrected it. TruGreen is the industry leader and the caller does not typically need a detailed explanation about every potential weed and the history of lawn care. They want to know they are getting a quality product, applied by a pro, at the right time for a fair price and know that the company has a guarantee and will stand behind what they do.The results initially are terrific. I am excited to monitor how they continue their success over the next 6 weeks of their busy season.

How can you use true urgency and scarcity more effectively? Why is time of the essence? Why should people take action now? What outside forces are impacting the current situation? Use them to your advantage.

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