What Will You Remember in Your Rocking Chair?

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How many really close friends do you have? You might think about that one day in your rocking chair. Sometimes I envy the people who still live in the hometown they grew up in and they have those long term relationships they have maintained in person. I have been gone from Spokane, to Eugene, to Minneapolis, back to Spokane, to Salt Lake City, to San Diego when I joined Tony Robbins…then almost 6 years traveling to most major cities in the US for two months at a time, to Australia, to the UK, back to San Diego, then Atlanta and now we have settled in Knoxville for the past 16 years.

Wow, I have never written that down before. Needless to say I have friends all over the place but because of the distance between me and them I do not get to see them that often. I have two friends that live in Connecticut. We have gotten together just a few times for a meal and golf the last 30 years. Both are fraternity brothers from my Chi Psi house at the University of Oregon and we were very close. But as often happens, life gets in the way of getting together.

Martin (in the red hat) is from Oslo, Norway. He was my “little brother” and I was responsible for him joining our fraternity. He radically improved his English, married Karla who was in the sorority next door and has a very successful  business career. Tim (in the blue hat) and I had so many common interests we hung out all the time. He even went to high-school with Tony Robbins in Glendora, CA.

We all share a passion for golf and the Oregon Ducks. I suggested we have to get together this fall! We finally set up a weekend trip to get together north of Albany, NY. Martin has an amazing place on Lake George and is a member of Glens Falls Country Club. They drove, I flew and what a time we had. Martin’s friend James joined us. He is a great character, has a smooth swing and he rounded out the foursome well.



We played 81 holes of golf on what many feel is one of Donald Ross’s best tracks. If you play golf you appreciate that and what the putting greens were like! We shared meals, some great wine, a beautiful boat ride on Lake George, reminisced about old times and watched the Oregon Duck Football team dismantle the Cal Bears. It was a weekend we will always remember AND we are going to do it again on a rotating basis.

My question for you is what will you remember one day when you are rocking away and looking back on your life? I believe it will be weekends like the one I just had. We need to take the opportunity and make them happen more often with the people who mean the most to us! A couple weeks ago my wife and I did the hike with good friends up Mt. LeConte, the tallest mountain in Tennessee and stayed overnight in the Lodge. It was definitely unforgettable.

Take action NOW to plan something with friends you have not seen enough. Experience something together. It does not have to be extravagant. Just get it planned and on your calendar to enrich those long term relationships.



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